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Villa de San Antonio Donates its 455th Quilt to Benefit The Children’s Shelter

(San Antonio, TX) – December 22, 2014 – The Villa de San Antonio Quilt Guild recently made its final 2014 donation, rounding out a total of 455 quilts created since the club’s inception in 2012. The quilts are given every second Saturday to the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild, Inc. (GSAQG) to be donated to The Children’s Shelter to comfort infants and young children in crisis and at risk. But the six Villa de San Antonio residents who gather every Monday to quilt won’t stop there. They are happy to continue their craft that helps them give back to the community. 

(Villa de San Antonio resident, Janice Sterneckert says, “I made my first quilt for my grandson just before he was born; he’s now 21 years old. Now quilting is a passion of mine. Our meetings are scheduled on Mondays from 10 a.m. – noon but most of us gather around 8:30 a.m. because we can’t wait to get started every week.” 

(The community’s quilt guild began when a resident needed help finishing a quilt for a family member and was created with a few starter kits donated by GSAQG. Now the guild is one of the highest producing chapters of GSAQG and set an internal record for quilts created in one month with 31 quilted in November. 

(Villa de San Antonio Wellness Director Darryl Greer says, “The Villa de San Antonio Quilt Guild is a growing initiative we are truly proud of. We love the idea of giving children around our community a life-long keepsake that also keeps them warm.” 

(Villa de San Antonio offers a full calendar of monthly activities in addition to the quilt guild. The community is located at 8103 North Hollow in San Antonio. Discover the community by calling 210- 558-7600.