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Villa de San Antonio Donates More Than 1,000 Quilts to Children in Need

SAN ANTONIO, July 20, 2016 – The senior quilt bee at Villa de San Antonio, the Quilt-a-Beasts, is proud to announce that it has reached a remarkable milestone of donating more than 1,000 quilts to children in need throughout the local community. Since the group began at the senior living community, Villa de San Antonio, with the help of the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild four years ago, the quilters remain steadfast in their dedication to provide abused and neglected children with a quilt during some of the most difficult times of their lives. The quilts give the children a sense of security and love, letting them know that someone cares about their well being.

The Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild provides supplies for the quilters at the senior living community to use and delivers the group’s quilts to The Children’s Shelter, an emergency shelter for children in Texas Child Protective Services custody. The group is made up of six active members, three of whom are residents of Villa de San Antonio and three who live locally in San Antonio. They come together at the retirement community every Monday to work on the quilts and spend time together. For group member and Villa de San Antonio resident Janice Sterneckert, this heartfelt activity provides her with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

“Working on these quilts brings all of us a great sense of joy and purpose,” said Sterneckert. “A lot of love and compassion goes into making them, and we hope the children who receive them feel a sense of security and comfort. It is as if we are trying to wrap our love around them in the form of a quilt. We want them to know that someone cares about them. Many of these children have been through things we could never imagine, and if we can give them even a small piece of security then we’ve made a difference.”

The members design and make the quilts from donated materials they receive from the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild and guild members. The guild has been instrumental in the success of the group since the very beginning, helping the residents at Villa de San Antonio establish their quilt bee and standing beside them ever since. For group member Lani Nunley, one of the original guild members to help begin the group, surpassing 1,000 quilts is extremely meaningful.

“It’s incredible to look back and think about what this group has accomplished,” said Nunley. “As Janice and I are the original members of the group, I find it such a joy to see the pride on her face when she discusses what we have all done for the children. Over 1,000 quilts in four years is incredible, and we are very proud of what this means for our community.”

All of the quilts are made with fabric that is 100 percent cotton, and they try to use patterns that appeal to the boys and girls who will receive them. The goal is to ensure that the quilts are long lasting and made with high-quality materials to withstand playtime, washing and the normal wear and tear of childhood. They have made quilts with Spiderman trimmed in red and blue for boys and others with roses and pale pinks for girls. Each quilt is unique and designed specifically with the children in mind.

“We recently met a young man who works for CPS who received a quilt someone made him when he was eight years old, and he still has it today as he attends college,” said Sterneckert. “It was a very unique experience, since we don’t normally get to meet those that receive quilts. He came in with his father to meet with us, and he showed us his quilt while talking about how much it meant to him. It was very emotional, and it reminded us of how much of a difference we make when giving back to others. I want to get up every day and feel that I am doing something worthwhile with my time. Making quilts is the very best part of my day because I know I am helping children who need it most.”  

“We’re incredibly proud of our residents for reaching this milestone,” said Jerry Stanley, executive director of Villa de San Antonio. ”They have achieved something truly remarkable, and we’re honored to have such giving people within our community. Villa de San Antonio is proud to support the residents in all of their endeavors, and we can’t wait to see what they are capable of accomplishing next. We hope that these incredible women inspire others in San Antonio to see what they can do to benefit someone else.”

If you would like to donate fabric or any other quilting materials for the quilt group to use, please take the items to the Villa de San Antonio front desk and they will ensure the materials are delivered to Janice and the other members of the group. Quilters from San Antonio are welcome to join the residents in their efforts. For more information about the quilt group, the public is asked to call 210-558-7600.