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Seniors Find New Vitality & Talents Through Learning Programs at Kisco's BridgetPoint at Los Altos Residents at Kisco’s BridgePoint at Los Altos never have to worry about keeping busy – the wealth of activities offered through their Continual Learning Program range from health seminars to music therapy to poetry classes. And a few residents have uncovered talents they didn’t know they had at all! 
Wellness director Alex Gerasimov is inspired every day he comes to work and sees firsthand how these activities enhance the lives of the residents. “It encourages them to step out of their box and bring excitement and fun into their lives,” says Gerasimov, who has been BridgePoint’s wellness director for seven years.

The Continual Learning program is a chance for older adults to flex their brain muscles and keep sharp. Classes include music therapy, art appreciation, discussions on current events, computer skills, health seminars through Stanford Medical and creative writing classes through Foothill College. All activities are free of charge for residents.