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Seniors Stand Strong with Abbotswood at Stonehenge


       Raleigh, NC) – November 30, 2015 – Winter will have its grip on the Triangle in a few weeks. Due to the impending weather that will join this season, slips and falls will once again be on the rise. While these types of accidents can be dangerous for anyone, area seniors could be left with more than just bumps and bruises. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 2.5 million seniors are treated in emergency departments across the country for fall injuries every year. Many of these falls lead to broken bones, including hips, as well as traumatic brain injury. Management at the Kisco Senior Living community Abbotswood at Stonehenge, located in Raleigh, NC, are doing what they can to not only help members of this community, but seniors throughout the Triangle with their ‘Stand Strong’ program.

This fitness assessment and strength training program for senior community members residing at Kisco Senior Living’s communities throughout the US, was created over a year ago to assure that each participant is strong enough to either avoid or reduce injury from a fall.

“It is staggering to see how many long-term injuries are caused by falls,” said Kisco Senior Living Wellness Team Leader Maria Connelly. “While we realize that providing strength and endurance training may never eliminate these types of accidents, we are trying to do our part to reduce them.”

hile this program began with seniors residing at Kisco Senior Living’s 20 communities, Abbotswood at Stonehenge Wellness Director Connie Miller has a goal to also make this available to seniors throughout the Triangle area. “Falls, with or without injury, carry a heavy impact on the quality of life for seniors,” said Miller. “A growing number of older adults have a fear of falling and, as a result, limit their activities and social engagements. This often results in further physical decline, depression, social isolation, and feelings of helplessness. We want both our residents and the greater community to remain active, social and without a fear of falling and we hope to make this happen.”

Abbotswood resident Elaine Dees said she has already noticed a difference in the short time that she has participated in the Stand Strong program. “I didn't realize how much I didn't know about balance until I started attending these classes,” said Dees.  “Now I'm more aware of my movements and I can tell a big difference in my muscle stamina.”
Along with the residents of Abbotswood, Stand Strong is currently benefiting members of the JOY (Just Older Youth) group at North Raleigh United Methodist Church.

As we age, we often experience things that we've not had to think about before.  One of those things is balance,” said JOY Group Leader Shirley Jones. “You take it for granted until it's not what it used to be.  Most of us are aware of the consequences of falls, and we, as a senior group, want to do what we can to prevent things like this in the future.  I'll soon be 80 years young, and for me personally, exercise is a big part of why I'm doing this too.  I always hear the doctors talking about the importance of staying active by exercising and this is a great start."

“We are hoping to offer this program throughout the Triangle,” said Miller. “Seniors throughout this area are also invited to Abbotswood’s on-campus program, held each Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. and Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in our multipurpose room.”

To find out more or to participate in Stand Strong call Abbotswood at Stonehenge today at 919-847-3202. For more information about Abbotswood at Stonehenge visit and


About Kisco Senior Living:
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